Technological Trends for 2018

You may be a die-hard technology fanatic, who never misses an opportunity to own the latest devices or you are an average consumer who has a laid-back demeanor when it comes to things technology. But all the same, all of us are looking forward to developments in technology and invention of new trends that will be availed soon. After the past year of 2017, when the market witnessed an unprecedented rise in the sale of virtual reality and smart speakers, plus the unveiling of new gadgets in the form of smartphones and tablets there is a lot to look forward to in the coming year.

So let us take a look at some of the biggest technological trends that we are looking forward to in the year 2018.

AI permeation

rr45 Artificial intelligenceYou guessed it right; artificial intelligence commonly referred to as AI in the tech circles is what every tech enthusiast is looking forward to. This can be defined as the learning of machines through algorithms. This undertaking is not only getting better, but it is also getting more funding from the respective bodies. Additionally, AI is being incorporated in almost all applications. As opposed to before when it was only focused on a singular goal, you will realize that now it is making an appearance in almost every application, platform, and any other device. We saw an acceleration of its use towards the end of 2017, but as things are unfolding by the end of the year 2018, it will be a common feature in almost all forms of technology.

Digital centralization

In the past few years, more especially in the last decade, the world has witnessed the unveiling of some devices. This can range from tablets, TVs, smartphones and a host of other appliances that are referred to as being smart. You will also realize that humans greatly rely on mobile applications to carry out some things.

Taking all the factors mentioned above into consideration, you will realize that consumers are yearning for centralization so that they can achieve a convenient way to manage and control all these devices from one place. Early 2018 has witnessed the unveiling of smart speakers, and this is a good sign for things to come.

5G preparation

rf25 5G networkEven though one cannot be able to give timelines in the tech industry accurately, it is highly probable that before the end of the year 2018 we could have not only a 5G network but also mobile phones that are 5G enabled. This is very important as it will make many homes access internet services more easily. This is a good idea as it will go a long way in revolutionalizing how the home consumer will use the internet.

White collar automation

If the latest trends are anything to go by, then it is more likely that some white collar jobs are likely to be performed by machines shortly. Given the funding and resources that are being directed to AI, there is a likelihood that we could be witnessing this earlier than expected.

Some of the other technological trends that we should look out for include: the introduction of seamless conversation an overhaul of the UI system and even data overload.